Racebook Bonuses

When you're betting the horsees, it's always nice to have something that tips the odds in your favor. That's exactly the idea online raceboks have for offering bonuses and promotions. When you get a first deposit bonusm, you're basically playing with house money and so even if you lose, you win - you can't get any better odds than that. 

Racebook Bonus Reviews

Not all racebooks vcreate their bonuses equally, and even though all of our recommened racebooks overall offer some the the best bonus and promotion programs out there, every horseplayer should do a little digging to find the racebook and bonus program that best suits an individual betting strategy.

* REMINDER! - you must be of legal age in your state or province to legally wager on thoroughbred or harness horse racing. Please bet responsibly!

How quickly do bonuses payout?

When it comes to first deposit bonuses, the best racebooks make a deposit into your account within 30 minutes, while some may make the deposit witin 24 hours. In similar fashion, some reacebooks pay cash back on a daily basis, while others pay out weekly on a designated day and time. You should consider your personal bankroll mangement strategy when considering the payout times of the different racebooks. 

Do most bonuses only payout once?

By its very nature, the first-deposit bonus is a one-time-only payout, but for longtime customers most racebooks offer other promotions to add to your bonus opportunities. As mentioned above, cash back bonuses are paid out continually on a daily or weekly basis, and most racebooks offer a refer-a-friend bonus that is usually unlimited. So you could say that for the most part, the beauty of an online racebook is that the bonuses never stop coming.